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File Type: (Video File)

Compatible with (WinXP, Vista and Win7)

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File extension errors generally occur when the appropriate program is not installed in your system or your registry may be corrupt. You can either

Notes about the .MPG file extension:

.MPGMoving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) is a multimedia container standard format. MPEG files are used to store digital video and audio streams and also save subtitles and still images. MPEG files are used for creating movies to later distribute on the Internet.

Trouble opening MPG files on Microsoft Windows?
Advanced File Optimizer
Need help opening a MPG file? Advanced File Optimizer will do this for you. Opening a MPG file only takes a few clicks and is very easy, even for novice users.
Compatible with Window XP, Vista, Win7
Need help for .MPG files call tech experts: (855) 973-2092 (Toll Free, 24*7) * Additional offers may apply.

Detailed information for file extension MPG :

Primary association: MPEG 1 System Stream

Mime type: video/mpeg, video/mpg, video/x-mpg, video/mpeg2, application/x-pn-mpg, video/x-mpeg, video/x-mpeg2a, audio/mpeg, audio/x-mpeg, image/mpg

Identifying characters Hex: 00 00 01 , ASCII:

Reference: MPG on Wikipedia , view more extensions

FAQ: Missing audio/video CODEC FAQ and How to Play them

File type MPG's association with other applications are:

  • MPEG Animation

    Related links: IrfanView

  • ProgDVBR (MPEG2 Video File)

    An incomplete header confuses some players. If you are having problems check to see if this is the case for you. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 00 00 01 BA 44 , ASCII: ....D

  • Salt Lake City Game Movies File

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